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Making the Decision to Have Surgery

Researching joint replacements

Joint replacement patient Alison Trpevski outlines a surprising finding from her research.

My decision to have surgery

Alison Trpevski explains why she made the decision to have joint replacement surgery.

Building up strength

Alison Trpevski explains the impact of osteoarthritis on her joints prior to her decision to have joint replacement surgery.

Come and see us early

Dr Dan Fick explains how your care team can help you navigate the options available as you embark on your decision to have joint surgery.

Should you delay joint replacement surgery?

Ian Lowther delayed having joint surgery but he concluded “it was delusional” to have waited as long as he did.

Get it done

Are you putting off having joint replacement surgery? Bilateral knee replacement patient Paul Masters explains why you should “get it done”.

Should You Have Two Joints Replaced at Once?

Deciding to have bilateral knee replacement

Paul Masters explains why he decided to have both knees replaced at once.

Why I had bilateral joint replacement

Alison Trpevski explains why having two joints replaced at the same time was the right decision for her.

Set Yourself up for Success

Setting you up for success

Dr Dan Fick explains the role of your rehab physician in setting you up for success before your joint replacement surgery.

Having a positive mindset

Dr Dan Fick explains what you can do to ensure your joint replacement surgery has the best chance of success.

Factors that help to make joint surgery successful

Dr Dan Fick outlines the top factors that will help you get the best outcomes from joint replacement surgery.

Preparing for surgery

Ian Lowther, a physiotherapist, explains what he did before joint surgery to help him recover quickly afterwards.

Why you need a high-performance team

When it comes to joint replacement surgery, an experienced team can make all the difference, explains Dr Dan Fick.

Dan says:

“Having surgery can feel daunting, but we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. And the improvement in your quality of life will make it all worthwhile.”

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