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What to Expect when You Have Joint Replacement Surgery

Knowing what to expect

Alison Trpevski had bilateral joint replacement. She outlines what was in her mind as she went in for surgery.

It’s normal to feel anxious

Dr Dan Fick explains how your surgery team can help minimise your anxiety about joint replacement surgery.

Tailoring your anaesthetic

Anaesthetist Dr Kat Travis outlines the anaesthetic options available to ensure the anaesthetic used in surgery can be tailored to each patient.

What to expect on the day of surgery: take a quick tour

What will your day of surgery look like? Our Clinical Nurse Specialist Penny Scott takes you on a tour of the hospital’s facilities and explains what to expect before and after your hip or knee surgery. Find out what to expect when you receive an anaesthetic, and meet your orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Dan Fick, in the operating theatre.

Dan says:

“Having a consultation with us early in your decision-making process is crucial. We can help you manage your joint pain and modify your lifestyle, and then we can help you decide if surgery is right for you.”

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Our team will guide you through every stage of your orthopaedic surgery journey.

Find out how to set yourself up for success before, during and after your joint surgery.

If joint pain is impacting your life, please get in touch with Dr Dan Fick and the team.