About Us

Our care philosophy starts with you. Dan works together with his patients to understand their concerns and talk through all possible paths for treatment and recovery.

Dan’s surgical expertise in orthopaedics is complemented by a range of innovative tools and personalised options that allow us to provide tailor-made treatment for your painful hips or knees. He is involved in every aspect of your treatment plan, helping to get you back to the lifestyle you love as soon as possible.

Dan operates across the whole spectrum of orthopaedic surgery – from ligament reconstruction in injured athletes to total hip and knee replacement, joint resurfacing and revision joint surgery for more mature patients.

Dan is supported by a top-performing team of physicians, anaesthetists, nurses, physiotherapists and podiatrists, who work together to set you up for success before, during and after your orthopaedic surgery.

Our aim is not only to address your physical needs by relieving your pain and improving your mobility but also to help you improve your entire quality of life.