Orthopaedic Conditions and Procedures


Are you considering having total hip replacement surgery? These fast facts from Dr Dan Fick will help you find out more about the procedure before you chat to your orthopaedic surgeon.

One option that’s available to orthopaedic patients is hip arthroscopy. But what is it, who needs it and why should you consider it? Dr Dan Fick offers some answers.

Hip resurfacing is a type of surgery that fixes up your natural joints to help you regain mobility. Dr Dan Fick explains the procedure.

Still experiencing pain after hip surgery? Soft tissue hip reconstruction may be needed. Here’s what you need to know about the procedure.

Video Galleries

Our selection of videos will help you understand orthopaedic surgery techniques so you can make informed decisions about your joint replacement surgery.


Are you considering having total knee replacement surgery? Dr Dan Fick explains some of the things you might want to know before you decide to have surgery.

Would you be a good candidate for unicompartmental knee replacement surgery? Dr Dan Fick answers your questions about this partial knee replacement option.

Knee arthroscopy is a straightforward orthopaedic procedure that can reveal a lot about the condition of your knees. Dr Dan Fick explains what it is and why you might want to consider it.

Patellofemoral replacement is a type of partial knee replacement surgery that can be an option instead of total knee replacement. Dr Dan Fick explains some key facts about this relatively new type of orthopaedic procedure.

Your knee has four major ligaments – all of which can be torn and damaged. Dr Dan Fick explains some key facts about one option that could help fix them – knee ligament reconstruction surgery.

Accidents & Injuries

A torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is one of the most common knee injuries, especially affecting active people who play sports. Dr Dan Fick outlines what you need to know about ACL reconstruction surgery.

Bone fractures can be difficult to heal. Fracture fixation surgery can help avoid deformity after an accident or injury. But sometimes the implant used has to be removed. Dr Dan Fick explains what’s involved.

If joint pain is impacting your life, please get in touch with Dr Dan Fick and the team.