Follow-up Visits Following Hip Surgery

We usually use internal dissolvable sutures for the skin layer and a strip of Fixomull over the top of the skin, meaning there are no sutures or staples to be removed. It’s important you keep the dressing intact and look after your wound as the dressing has anti-microbial properties.

It’s also important that you have your wound reviewed, so make an appointment with your GP around 2 weeks after surgery to remove your waterproof dressing.

Your appointment will have been made for you when you booked your surgery, usually around 4–6 weeks post-op. Please refer to your original admission letter for the date and time.

We would like you to have another EOS imaging scan prior to seeing Dan which our clinical nurse Penny will organise after your dressing clinic appointment. Our EOS liaison will be in touch with you after surgery to organise this (around 3 weeks after your surgery).

Get in touch with Dan and his team to see if hip replacement surgery may be right for you.